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Almost three years ago I began a journey of blogging. My heart was to help others journey with the Lord as part of the unique blueprint on my life and ministry. It was a way for me to bless, teach and equip others in the Word of the Lord. This season has however shifted for me, and I wanted to reach out today and share that with you. When God began shifting me earlier this year, lots of things changed, and this is just another one to add to the list. The weekly blog became a false obligation and task from an old season that needed to go. It had become so arduous and unfulfilling where I was depleted at the end of every Monday morning. This is not the Lords will dear ones. This shift happened in a time where I was experiencing a lot of change so I missed it. I failed to recognize that the life and breath of God was not on me while i was writing and nor was there a fullness of life on the final product. Yeah it did bless people on some level but not in fullness. The freeing part however was letting it go, when I finally recognized the shift. I no longer felt obligated to do something that once brought great satisfaction to me and to others. I have had many positive responses to my blogs over that last few years that has kept me going as I would write each week and for that I am thankful.

Having said all of that, I will continue to send blogs or devotionals out in 2020, but it will not be every Monday. It will be when the Wind of the Holy Spirit blows on me and inspires me to write. When you receive it, I pray you too will receive the breath and wind of Holy Spirit on your life.

My heart has always been to help, teach and equip others. So please learn form me today as you move into 2020. Inquire of the Lord as to what he desires to breathe on and through you moving into next year and don't be afraid to let go of what was, to embrace the NEW THINGS God may have for you. God will do new things in us when we allow him to.

When God shifts you out of a once inspiring season it will be for a brand new one in Him. It will be one of grand new adventures and exploits, involving new people and new things many times. It will require you to leave a comfort zone and even some old things behind. Even if those things were good things. Learn from me and don't fight it....recognize it and shift with him. Shift into all the new ways he desires to bless you and all the others he will give you in this new place. You have a destiny and a blueprint that others need in the earth and I pray each of you are determined by his great grace to fulfill it.

by his grace and for his glory,


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