• Dana Wade


Updated: May 14, 2019


It’s one thing to know about peace and yet another thing to experience it. I believe the truest way of knowing peace is when Jesus- the Prince of Peace reveals himself to us.

I had such an encounter years ago while facing a pretty scary surgery.

I was alone in my hospital room in Waynesboro hospital around midnight and was waiting for an operating room to become available.

Mark and I had been told earlier that day that our pregnancy was ectopic and was no longer viable and I needed emergency surgery because of internal bleeding.

Up to this time, this was the scariest news I had ever received.

I had 2 choices. 1- be fearful or 2- trust in God

Well that’s easier said than done. I was however given another choice. Pray for someone else instead of myself.

Just down the hall a code blue was issued and I accepted the invitation by God to partner with him in prayer rather than worry about myself.

As soon as I began praying for that person, a manifest, tangible presence not of this world entered my room.

Even to this day I have never experienced such a supernatural encounter of peace like I did that night.

Then the Lord spoke to me -“because you have chosen to focus on someone else besides yourself, I am giving you my peace.” 

Certainly not how I thought that worked as a young Christian but I learned something about God that night. I learned that focusing on an issue doesn’t bring peace. I learned that turning my attention to someone else in need will unlock the provision for my need.

God wants to overwhelm the thing that’s overwhelming you when you help someone else friends.

Let me encourage you today if you need peace, to begin praying for someone else who you know needs Gods intervention. God will take care of your need as you concentrate on helping someone else who is also in need. You just never know, but you may be the only person praying for that other person. Let God’s peace overwhelm you as you put others first.

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