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I learned almost 20 years ago that I was a prophet but it has taken years of equipping, training and process to see that realized in my life. The maturation process in the life of a prophet is no joke and it is very long. Process is a word my mentee's hear often from me because I do not believe in short cuts. You cheat yourself and others if you try and cut short the maturation process of growth and development. The life and lifestyle of a prophet and prophetic people is one of  great process. There is a lot of trial and error, transformation, transition, bewilderment, with wilderness experiences, along with a lot of testing and proving in the life of a prophet.  These times of testing and proving taught me humility, grace, perseverance and my authority; and has all been a part of my journey into the full manifestation of my calling in Christ. 

I have and continue to learn a great deal, as I braille my life, the church and the culture- but most of all the life of Jesus.  Signs point to significance and I have no greater sign than Jesus Himself. I have gained an incredible amount of insight from this brailling process, into patterns, cycles and trends in my life.


I have learned there is no substitute for true communion with God or the covenant relationships that God ordains for our lives.They are vital to walking out our destiny. Not just people- but covenant people. Covenant is overlooked for the value it is in the growth and expansion of the Kingdom of God.  All covenant is birthed from the heart of God and involve his eternal plans and purposes. We must have the understanding of who those people are in order for us to fulfill our destiny blueprints in the earth. I've learned the true value of covenant, and the first place I learned that was with my spiritual mother-Silvia Meade. Silvia, who is also a prophet, loved me, and continually poured into me for years. She was crucial to a transition in my life that brought me to the place I am now. God positioned her in my life when I needed her most, and I'm blessed to still have her.  


In 2018 the Lord gave me one of the greatest gifts in Apostle Taquetta Baker, of Muncie Indiana. Dr. Baker is an incredible leader and a true covenant  sister in the Lord. She's also a very gifted counselor, who holds a Master's Degree in counseling. We partner here in this ministry in Kingdom Wellness to see people healed, delivered and restored. God aligned our hearts quickly and set us on an accelerated path together in 2018. I learned that destiny was a real thing when I met her-not a foggy belief that sounded good on paper. She shifted me through much love, deliverance, prayer and equipping. She is not only my mentor and spiritual ministry covering, but also my covenant sister in the Lord that I do life with, so I am doubly blessed.  In July 2019, we planted Kingdom Shifters Christian Empowerment Center of VA where I serve as Pastor and Overseer. 

  • Successes and failures are great teachers

  • Prophetic people need apostolic connections

  • Deliverance and healing go hand in hand

  • True prophetic expression is dying to self

  • Get back up when you fall-a righteous man may fall 7x but he gets back up

  • Living righteously isn't an option but a requirement as a disciple of Jesus

  • Life is a journey – don’t get stuck in one season.

  • When God shifts you to a new season-your connections must change

  • God will reveal his plan to you and then process you for years until you’re ready for it

  • Repentance isn’t a one time thing

  • Times of solitude and silence are necessary to hear from God

  • Prayer isn’t an option - it’s your connection to God and your life force

  • Fasting is a divine opportunity to meet with God-that is to be a lifestyle for all believers

  • Praise is a weapon against hell

  • You have an adversary and it's not people 

  • Lighten up and don’t be so hard on yourself

  • You can't know yourself by yourself

  • You must develop your gifts to use them

  • Never give up or stop learning

  • Serve others

  • Study God’s Word - don’t just read it

  • Coaches are necessary - my own spiritual coach has been huge in my journey

  • Learn the value of worshiping God - we will be doing it forever

  • I’m not what I do

- Dana


I’ve been married 31 years to a remarkable Godly man. Mark is my best friend and the love of my life!

We have two wonderful adult sons, Michael and Eric, whom we love very much. They are our greatest achievements and our most valued treasures, and we are so very proud of them! In January of 2020 we gained a daughter as well, as our oldest son Michael  married his love, Danielle. We've now gained not only a wonderful new daughter, but also two beautiful grandchildren in Hannah and Elijah.

I’m the daughter of a wonderful Godly mother and proud sister to three incredible brothers. Tim & Steve are such tremendous blessings in my life, and so was our brother Bobby, who has now entered his eternal reward in glory. I have several close covenant sisters who make my life so full and rich and several spiritual children who I love and value so very much.

I’ve had a wonderful life so far, and I’m looking forward to all God has next for me and my family.