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Dana Wade is an ordained pastor in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She is also a Certified Professional, Life, and Relationship Coach.


She loves helping people grow personally, spiritually and relationally.

"Stay in your process-God is always shaping you into the image of his Son Jesus."

She loves to coach her clients from a whole person approach, as embodied souls. She has learned that the real work of transformation begins once you make the decision to follow Jesus.


She made that decision years ago and has learned the true love of God through the redemption story of Jesus Christ.


"It seemed like I took the long road at times, but God knew what I needed, and I wouldn't trade my process for anything.

She takes her clients through a course that is tailor made just for them.

"Your failures may challenge you but they can either shape you, break you, or make you better-the choice is yours."

She also loves to equip people to walk the cross shaped life. She loves her relationship with Holy Spirit and she would love the opportunity to help you understand how to walk with Him as well. Whether you want to call it coaching or mentoring, there must be these types of relationships in every persons life. We weren't made to do life alone. We were made for relationships and community. And we will at some point all need certain people in our lives to figure things out. They will help you see yourself correctly or a situation more clearly; you can't know yourself by yourself. 


Little by little is her motto.


She keeps her clients focused on change as she takes them on a journey of thinking differently about themselves, others and God. 


She believes that time is something none of us have the luxury of wasting, so this is an important part of your journey with her.


"Nothing replaces, time and process in your life.  Short cuts only cut YOU short." 

Many are craving peace and rest and she will take you on a journey to experience it.

"Freedom starts with a single step...."


and that step requires change, risk and focus. 

  • successes and failures are great teachers

  • get back up when you fall-don't quit

  • life with God is a journey – don’t get stuck in one season.

  • always forgive others and yourself too

  • when God transitions you to a new season-your connections must change

  • God takes us through processes, resets and times of evolving with him-know your season

  • repentance isn’t a one time thing

  • times of solitude and silence are necessary to hear from God and nothing replaces it

  • prayer shapes you and forms you into the image of Christ; it is your life force, wind and breath

  • fasting is a divine opportunity to meet with God

  • praise is a weapon that works for you

  • spend more time with Jesus than on social media

  • you have an adversary and it's not people 

  • lighten up and don’t be so hard on yourself

  • you can't know yourself by yourself

  • self awareness is key to change

  • you must develop your gifts to use them

  • never stop learning

  • be intentional to serve and love others well

  • spend time communing with God, it is time never wasted

  • take time to sing, dance and be silly-it does a body good

  • study God’s Word - and allow it to read you

  • coaches/mentors/teachers are all necessary in life 

  • learn the value of worshiping God - we will be doing it forever

  • you are not what you do for a living

  • be accountable to more than one person



Dana has been married 33 years to a remarkable Godly man. Mark is her best friend and the love of her life!

They have two wonderful adult sons, who are married to remarkable women and 3 beautiful grandchildren whom they love very much. Her family is her greatest achievements and most valued treasures, and is so very proud of them! 

She's the daughter of wonderful Godly parents and proud sister to three incredible brothers. Her mother and father were faithful in their gifts and callings and she has followed in their footsteps of living the cross-shaped life. Her brothers are such tremendous blessings in her life, and so was her brother Bobby, who has now entered his eternal reward in glory. She have several close covenant sisters who make her life so full and rich and who she loves and values so very much.


She is also the pastor and co-visionary founder of Fields of Harvest Ministries in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

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