Hi my name is Dana Wade, and I am an Ordained Pastor through Kingdom Shifter's Ministries and a Certified Professional, Life, and Relationship Coach, through Breakthrough Coaching & Leadership Academy.


I learned almost 20 years ago that I had a higher calling on my life to help and equip people, but I had no idea what that looked like and what steps I would need to take to reach fulfillment, until one very important day. 


I have always loved helping people, but my journey took a sharp turn towards really fulfilling this desire, one quiet evening at my home. I heard God tell me it was okay for me to leave my job. Right after I heard those words, I immediately felt a peace, not of this world, and sat there a bit dazed to be quite honest. I remember looking around like-who said that? I was puzzled by to say the least, after all I wasn't praying or even talking to God at the time, but sitting on the couch watching TV with my husband. Looking back, I remember having prayed about some things regarding my job earlier in the week, but he responded so out of the blue that I was taken back.  Out of no where God responded-You can go. You can leave your job.  

Needless to say, I immediately began searching for further confirmation, because I was shook by his answer. God gave me a clear answer to my prayer that night, but that's all. I had no idea what would happen next.

This taught me that God will sometimes give you one answer or instruction at a time, but it will require you coming back to him for more, for the rest of the instructions. We were not made to operate independent of God, but in relationship with him, partnering with him in everything. As a matter of fact, the answer he gave me was such an answer of faithfulness, covenant, love and compassion.  He had my back.  You see at the time, I was not experiencing at my job, the things that God said I would be in that season. Instead of expansion, I was experiencing limitations and so much more and I remember telling God-this is not what you said my season would look like. 

My instructions made very little sense to me at the time, but I knew they were in response to my prayer so I trusted God. This ended up setting me on a course, that shifted the entire trajectory of my life. 

I stepped out on faith soon thereafter and left my job after receiving several confirmations that gave me the courage to go.


Courage is a huge component in journeying in destiny with God.

After many months of prayer, repentance and searching things out with God I realized it was time to go forth with the vision.


This is when I truly began clinging to God on a whole new level. You see I had made a commitment to follow Jesus at an early age but like many Christians I took the long way around while doing "my thing"-until -"my thing" wore me out. 


God began separating me from people and places that no longer served the purpose for where he was taking me. He began aligning me with people who would help develop my character, prepare and promote me in identity and in my higher calling in Christ. Day after day, I kept following his lead, just like the day he clearly gave me the word to leave my job. Little by little he delivered me, healed me and prepared me for the biggest shift of my life. My husband Mark has definitely been the most important person God gave me to journey this life with, but Apostle Taquetta Baker is the second.

  • Successes and failures are great teachers

  • Prophetic people need apostolic connections

  • Deliverance and healing go hand in hand

  • True prophetic expression is dying to self

  • Get back up when you fall-a righteous man may fall 7x but he gets back up

  • Living righteously isn't an option but a requirement as a disciple of Jesus

  • Life is a journey – don’t get stuck in one season.

  • When God shifts you to a new season-your connections must change

  • God will reveal his plan to you and then process you for years until you’re ready for it

  • Repentance isn’t a one time thing

  • Times of solitude and silence are necessary to hear from God

  • Prayer isn’t an option - it’s your connection to God and your life force

  • Fasting is a divine opportunity to meet with God-that is to be a lifestyle for all believers

  • Praise is a weapon against hell

  • You have an adversary and it's not people 

  • Lighten up and don’t be so hard on yourself

  • You can't know yourself by yourself

  • You must develop your gifts to use them

  • Never give up or stop learning

  • Serve others

  • Study God’s Word - don’t just read it

  • Coaches are necessary - my own spiritual coach has been huge in my journey

  • Learn the value of worshiping God - we will be doing it forever

  • I’m not what I do

You can trust God and the people he gives you as He alone orders your steps.

I continue to learn a great deal, about who I am in Christ and who He is for me, as I live in a continual shifting destiny lifestyle.

I have learned there is no substitute for true communion with God or the covenant relationships He ordains for your life.

Everyone's destiny process will be different-so don't try and pattern yours after mine or anyone else's-be the original  blueprint God designed you to be. This world needs you.


He has your whole life already mapped out -it just requires courage to take the steps he lays out for you when he begins to speak and move in your life.

My experience is unique to me but yours is too as you allow him to shift you to the right people. I hope I get to be one of those shifting relationships in your life-for such a time as this.

Apostle Taquetta and I currently partner in several ways to help people experience breakthrough. 


We work together not only in counseling, mentoring and coaching but also in five-fold ministry as Apostle and Prophet in the ministry she founded 14 years ago. 


Currently, I serve not only as coach but as Overseer and Pastor of Kingdom Shifters Christian Empowerment Center of Virginia.  

- Dana


I’ve been married 31 years to a remarkable Godly man. Mark is my best friend and the love of my life!

We have two wonderful adult sons, Michael and Eric, whom we love very much. They are our greatest achievements and our most valued treasures, and we are so very proud of them! In January of 2020 we gained a daughter as well, as our oldest son Michael  married his love, Danielle. We've now gained not only a wonderful new daughter, but also two beautiful grandchildren in Hannah and Elijah.

I’m the daughter of a wonderful Godly mother and proud sister to three incredible brothers. Tim & Steve are such tremendous blessings in my life, and so was our brother Bobby, who has now entered his eternal reward in glory. I have several close covenant sisters who make my life so full and rich and several spiritual children who I love and value so very much.

I’ve had a wonderful life so far, and I’m looking forward to all God has next for me and my family.

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