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Dr. Taquetta Baker, Apostle

Founder of Kingdom Shifters Ministries

My name is Taquetta Baker, and I am the founder of Kingdom Shifters Ministries. I have the honor of overseeing Prophet Dana Wade and journeying with her in life and ministry. Dana is a mature minister, prophet, teacher, leader, coach, mentor, and obvious friend of God. She has the ear and heart of God as he fills her mouth with words that pierce and divide asunder of soul and spirit. Dana has a heart to see people empowered, developed, set free, evolved, and journeying in the sustaining fullness of their destiny. Dana labors in thought, exploration, godly pursuit, prayer, study, and through a destiny lifestyle, to equip herself in personal advancement, while also acquiring continual training to breakthrough those who are assigned to mantle. She does not take for granted the opportunity to impact people’s lives and to instill transformational wisdom and guidance into them. Dana is self sacrificing, loving, enduring, focused, and possesses an unwavering stance in the purity, holiness, righteousness, and justice, of God. This stance is guided through the eyes of God, as she has the divine ability to discern who God desires people to be, yet able to patiently and fervently process them to wholeness from where they currently are in life. God also gives Dana keen insight, hindsight, and foresight to see into people’s lives, expose root strongholds, curses, demonic and unhealthy bondage's, and SHIFT them into his promises, prophecies, and visions. If you are seeking to live in wellness, destiny and your divine calling, then Dana is the minister, prophet, teacher, leader, coach, mentor for you. I highly recommend Dana as I have firsthand experience of how God uses her to SHIFT lives for his glory. I myself was battling sickness that would have me bed written three and four days a week for over ten years. Upon meeting Dana, I begin to SHIFT into wellness as she would counsel, empower and pray with me consistently. As my soul began to heal from trauma and word curses spoken over me, my body also healed. I am able to go days and weeks without issues and no longer spend my days bound to the home or a bed. What God has done for me, he can do for you. Destiny awaits you through the calling of Prophet Dana Wade - your mentor/coach - your pathway to godly greatness. SHIFT!

Blessings to your destiny journey!


Charity Lynn

My parents were 16 and 17 years old when they conceived me.  After fifteen years of a very difficult marriage they divorced.  My marriage ended after 20 years.  Anxiety and fear gripped me.  I put a band aide on my pain with a relationship.  After it ended, I was left feeling overwhelmed with fear and rejection.  I reached out to Dana to help me battle my demons.  She was instrumental in my journey towards freedom. When feeling desperate and overcome with anxiety and fear, Dana would direct me to God’s truth.  She provided prayer support and resources that guided me to truth.  Time and time again she was there for me.  I now walk in freedom.  I think the best gauge of one’s progress is what the loved ones around you say about your journey, your healing.  After sharing good news with a dear friend she said, “Yay!!! I am soooo happy for you!!! And YOU have been AMAZING Charity Lynn!! I am inspired by you!!  You are So Strong!! And I just know great things are heading your way!!”  I’ve had coworkers share with me how they see change in me and I’ve been able to share the love of the Lord with them.  Conformation of my progress feels wonderful but the freedom from anxiety and fear can’t compare.  I cannot thank Dana enough for holding my hand and lifting my arms when I needed it most!


Sandy Shifflett

Dana Wade is such a great inspiration and encouragement to me. She has helped me to understand the ways of God. Recently, I had been stressing over a new position at work, but God reassured and encouraged me that he would be there everyday to help me deal with the stress so I could move forward. Her coaching and daily encouragements helped me realize that I COULD fulfill my desire to accomplish this new position at work. Thank you, Dana!


Brandon Williams, Lead Pastor at Church on the Hill

As one who has known Dana Wade for 14 years, I can readily attest to her integrity, sensitivity, desire to help others, and pursuit of scriptural principles. Motivated by compassion for others and a love for Christ, Dana draws from years of listening to the Spirit and speaking as she feels prompted to bless, encourage, and help others. I gladly endorse her ministry!


Al & Patty Stuhlmiller

Our desire to know the Lord in a more intimate way began to bear fruit a year ago when we reached out to Dana for spiritual guidance and help. Through her grasp and depth of knowledge, we began to “go deeper” in the Lord as Dana showed us how to read, study, and understand scripture. She makes difficult concepts easily understandable with simple explanations. But most of all, she prays for us - listens, coaches, and encourages us, as we learn what the Lord wants to teach us.



I was having a hard time at work, and for the first time in my career and probably in my entire life, I was being bullied and threatened. Dana gave me clear instructions on how to pray. I immediately started praying in Jesus name, and in 30 minutes everything changed. When I got back into my cubicle from lunch, the bully stood there with tears in his eyes, apologizing to me. I am so appreciative to Dana that she gave me her wisdom and scriptures to meditate and pray. It’s nice to have a Coach that can provide the Lord’s Word at the exact right time to fight against the spiritual warfare we encounter.


Barbara Pace

Dana has indeed found her calling. She has such a wonderful way of saying things, especially when you’re making changes in your life and you need encouragement. Her messages are amazing. Keep up the wonderful work Dana, you touch more people than you know.


Terrance Williams, Prophetic  Evangelist/Teacher

Dana Wade is one of my best friends of more than 20 years. She has grown and flourished into one of the most trusted prophetic voices in our area. She also is a life coach, blessed with Spirit led and Spirit empowered strategies to transform any life that is willing to apply them. Most of all, Dana is real, approachable, simplistic, yet very deep and profound. If you are looking for answers personally, or needing a prophetic anointing to bring transformation for your church or ministry, look no further than Dana Wade.

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