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Are you Mary, Martha or both?

Today I thought I would take a break from the patristic meditations, and share one that I think we all can relate to.

The story of Mary and Martha are familiar to us all. They represent two different approaches to life, especially the Christian life. Martha is actively serving Jesus, but at the same time she's missing him altogether. Martha has the doing of life down perfectly, but the "being" is lacking. She probably has many distractions in her life, like most of us do; her duties at home, and elsewhere have disconnected her from the life of Jesus and her love for him; but I would dare say that Martha is more than just busy externally. Martha is busy internally. Even when she's not busy, her mind is racing. She's probably irritable often and definitely anxious. Mary, on the other hand has learned what is the best thing and that is sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to him. She is what represents "being" for us. She enjoys the intimacy of sitting quietly with him, taking in every word he says, for he is the center of her life.

Even if Mary were to help Martha, her inner person wouldn't be so distracted. She could probably do her chores while also experiencing intimacy with Jesus. Why? Because she's learned to slow down to the speed of now. She's learned to focus her thoughts and her mind- as he is the center and source of her life.

The Bible tells us to "love the Lord our God, with all of our heart soul, mind and strength and love our neighbors as ourselves."

That's our aim and goal in life. Everything else is secondary. Learning to love God and others consciously and consistently with our whole being is our primary task. Not an easy one as we all know nevertheless it is to be our hearts goal.

So consider this as you start your day … What things are worrying and upsetting you as you begin this day?

Spend some time in stillness and silence, and wait patiently for the Lord. Ask Him for the help you need. Offer up your anxieties and worries to him and ask him to teach you to be attentive to His still small voice.


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